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I currently have the FX 8120 8 Core (3.1ghz)
I'm currently looking at getting the 8320; I've read it's better for gaming. My question is what would I need to make the swap. I have the
I believe it will fit just want be sure.
This MB is only compatible with AMD CPUs. Thanks in advance.
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  1. That motherboard supports the new piledriver cpus so a 8320 will work with it, just do a bios update and boom new cpu works. U will need bios update F3 for piledriver to work, u can do this with ur current cpu if it does not already have that update or higher
  2. Awesome thanks again! Just one more question, I'm looking into getting a 7950 with it and I was just curious to know if the combo runs into any bottlenecking. I don't want to change out any more parts for a while.
  3. update your bios to latest.

    there will be no bottleneck with hd 7950 with fx 8350.

    i suggest overclock that cpu to see more good performance because you need to overclock fx cpu to reach optimum performance.
  4. I probably will after I have had it for a bit. I just need a good cooler to go with it: Any suggestions?
  5. Cooler master hyper 212 evo
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