Case fan stuck on startup

I'm sorry, I know this must be a common issue brought up here, but searching only came up with topics regarding people "stuck on decisions" and "fans stuck on full speed".

Anyway, I have an Antec DF-85 case which I bought about two years ago. Recently however, one of the rear fans refuses to budge when I start the machine up. Only after a few minutes of jimmying it with a pair of tweezers to loosen it does it decide to start spinning.

I heard that dust buildup can cause this, but I have removed it (just from the case, not the cables) and given it a thorough cleaning to remove the clumps of dust from the blades as well as a few blasts of air into the assembly.

It's not really a huge deal because I could just replace it for a measly $20, but I thought I'd first find out if there were any methods to try and repair it.
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    if you have to use tweezers to start the fan spin ,do yourself a favor get a new fan the bearing on this one is out .
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