EVGA GTX 670 4GB or Galaxy GTX 670 4GB

Which one of these graphics cards is better Galaxy 67NQH6DN6KXZ GeForce GTX 670 GC 4GB 256-bit or EVGA 04G-P4-2673-KR GeForce GTX 670 Superclocked+ w/Backplate 4GB 256-bit.


I'm getting 4gb vram cuz i intend to use alot of mods in my games.

Can i lower the superclocked EVGA GTX 670 back down to normal speed and not have it overclocked?

They only had 2 of the 4gb vram cards but there all overclocked and want to know if you can set it back to default speeds.
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  1. you might as well get the GTX 680 since both are almost in that price range..
  2. well the post above me is pretty much wrong.

    if you did not buy it yet go with the Galaxy 670.

    the Vram helps quite a bit and it also beats most 680s out there with a bit more fps also being cheaper than most 680s
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