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Nvidia GTX 560 ti drivers BSOD

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
August 6, 2012 2:54:31 AM

Hello, and I would like to first off apologize for the wall of text, but I've got a seriously big problem on my hands.

I am currently building my first gaming PC with the help of an experienced friend (I on the other hand am COMPLETELY new to this), and have run into quite a few problems along the way. When we first started the graphics card wasn't working, so we used the built in one for the time being. The next problem was that Win. 7 didn't recognize my hard drive, but after multiple days of troubleshooting we finally managed to get it to work.
Everything was going fine, until it came time to change over from the built in graphics card to the GTX 560 ti FPB. In the top slot the card wasn't recognized at all, and in the bottom slot BIOS didn't recognize it, but Win. 7 did. Everything continued to work until we downloaded the drivers for the 560. After installing them and resterting the computer, we got the "windows is starting" image, then it was promptly followed by a blue screen of death with a 0x0000003b error message, forcing us to do a system restore. We tried so many things today to make it work, a clean install, a custom install, and install with a previous set of drivers, installing it with win. 7 up to date, an install with win. 7 having no updates at all. After a day of working, we've gotten nowhere. We thought it could be the graphics card as we bought it used, but my friend took the card home and said that it worked in his computer, which removes that possibility. The strange thing is that everything is working, until we install those drivers and restart. At this point, we think that it's probably a motherboard defect that caused
August 6, 2012 3:16:22 AM

Whoops. Somehow posted while trying to preview and I wasn't finished. -__-