Good replacement for an ABIT NF7s?

About 10 years ago, I built the current PC that I am on. It still works fairly well, bu I feel like it is time to upgrade. I mean, let's face it, when Memory for this one costs 3X what the modern memory sticks do( with DDR3 being it the last time I checked)

This one needs new memory, and one of the SATA-II connections on the Motherboard (or is that now an obsolete term? I keep seeing "Mainboard" used these days) Anyway, It's time for me to upgrade.

I took video production courses in school while I was in a Multimedia Production program. The School used Mac G5's maxed out - but the reality is, This is for home use, and I'm trying to get the best Mother/Mainboard that I can get that is affordable, and then a mid, or maybe even lower end processor that I can upgrade later. This way I will be able to upgrade the system's CPU later. I also intend to buy somewhere between 8GB's and 16GB's of RAM to start out....but I'd like to be able to update later.
There are so many Motherboards out there, that I'm just not sure where to start.

So, to start out, which Mainboard would be best for me.
Here is what I need:
#IEEE1394/Firewire port (2 if possible)
8-16GB's of RAM to start with.
Decent Bus Speed
SATA (or whatever is current for multiple drives and a DVD recorder)

I intend to buy at least 1 decent sized static drive for video processing, and perhaps a second one for Multi-track Audio processing.

I'm still out in the field on Blue Ray recorder vs. regular DVD - I don't have a Blue Ray player on the TV, I'm still using the DVD player I've had for several years.... but I spend most of my "TV time" on the PC, rather than watching TV....and none of my friends, although almost all are somewhat techie - many work in IT and Networking (we're all 40-Something year old Hard Rock/Metal musicians) and none of them had purchased a Blue Ray player or recorder... which says to me, regular DVD seems to be fine for now.

So if you were going to do this - and I'd like to do it as cheaply as possible. Are there any decent Motherboards out there that fit this category in the $100 - $350 range that are worth looking at?
Or should I just save my money and figure I'm going to have to spend about $1,000 on a Motherboard?

I'd like to get something like an i3, i5, or i7 CPU with a base speed of at least 3.0 Ghz or higher. (I currently have an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 2.08Ghz.)

Thanks for any suggestions!!!

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  1. I'd go eSata if you do video/audio processing and/or storage, dump firewire or put them in a new eSata case. For code munching go with i7-3820. Asus Corsair V for MB. If you want recorded videos to display in HD like 720p - 1080p (vertical lines progressive scan) you will want a Blue Ray recorder, if multiple recordings an external multi-drive duplicator. SATA III internal drives run at 6GB/sec., if you want to process and store on externals, you only need a boot drive internal. Some people like SSD exclusively, hybrids do exist and offer increased speed over HDD alone, 80gb-120gb is enough for OS and software to run. It's Speed vs. Price and warranty. 16gb (2x8GB) of DDR3 1600mhz ram is not that expensive anymore, but I would recommend that much for the video processing. I am biased, I like AMD Radeon video cards for gaming, you can go crossfire (2 at 16x bus speed or 3x) if it speeds up your video rendering process, check with your software.
  2. Good audio card would probably run on PCI-E 4x slot.
  3. I guess I didn't make it clear, the Firewire is for transferring the video from the video camera, and the Glyph external HD that I have is Firewire as well. Like I said, this is really just a hobby stage for me.
    I'd like to be able to take this rig out (rack-mounted case) and be able to do fairly decent quality videos of my friend's bands when they play out. That way I have have subject matter to mess with, and they get a "better than phone-cam" videos to put online.

    I won't be going HD anytime soon. I don't have an HD camera, and currently don't have any plans to buy one anytime soon. So for now, the Blue-Ray isn't a need.

    My main focus right now is trying to find a decent, affordable MB with Fire-wire built in, that can make use of 16Gigs or more of RAM.
  4. Asus Sabertooth x79, it is on the top at pricing, but I suspect it's the best quality on the market featuring the "armor" protection. Which may work well in rack space, constantly moving. $330 at Newegg, has only 1394A firewire low speed, You want to consider survivability of the system under the stress you will use it for daily. If price is the only constrain then a faster firewire connection can be found. Ram is no problem any socket 1155-2011 can handle 16gb in DDR2, for DDR3 to work you would need 24GB or 6, 12, 24.
  5. Cyberat_88

    Thanks! That gives me a starting point. That is exactly what I am looking for is suggested boards - because I don't know what is good and what is crap. The last time I even looked at Motherboards was when I decided on this Abit, and if it could handle the large amounts of RAM and had a really fast bus - I'd just keep it for this purpose!

    I know that may seem crazy to some people, but it one of the few PC purchases that I've made over the years. My dad was trained by IBM in the 60's - I grew up with a dedicated terminal in the house in the 70's. So we were building PC's early on.... but after I built this one - it was basically able to do everything I wanted for 10 years - which is a first for me, because I'd generally been building a new PC every 3 to 4 years or so.... that was about the amount of time it took for me to outgrow the Motherboard.

    The rack I have is shockmounted (the rackmounted computer case will actually be floating in a "case inside a case") so there won;t be that much abuse to it. We had this case drop 48" with a 90lbs Tube amp in it, and it didn't break a single tube. The amp fired up just fine, and actually still works.... although the tubes are a little too "burned in" for my ears.
    (newer tubes have more bite to them. :)

    So when you say Firewire "low speed", is there a faster firewire type? I guess I'm going to have to do some reading, as far as I knew there was just firewire. I didn't know there were different speeds/grades.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I really appreciate it.

  6. I ran a crappy ECS with VIA chipset for 8 years, hated it but lasted.
    Will never touch VIA chipsets again had USB problems, intermitent peripheral problems, squeal of death, etc...
    Abit, Asus, Gigabyte, Intel are the ones I trust, still had the Asus-P2BD running which is the year 2000.
    1394B or "Firewire 800" supposedly they're coming up with Firewire 1600 but both that and USB3 have Translation Delays, making speeds far below advertised, unlike eSata (III) which is pretty much straight on bus connection and equivalent to SATA III speeds.
  7. Oh, you want to consider dust, it does an MB bad, that Asus model has "heatsinks" like covers all over. Might be newer ones that clone that but I am not aware of any.
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