Just update my AMD graphics card and having issues

i just updated my graphics card and afterwards it says it cant detect a graphics card at all when there is clearly one in my laptop.. when i go to play games the game software tells me i cant run the game due to being unable to find correct graphics card. what the hell is happing?
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  1. Did you uninstall old drivers and install new ones?
  2. what graphics card did you have before. and what did you upgrade to?

    its a very limited number of laptops that even have a graphics card thats changable let alone one that makes a decent upgrade.

    what model laptop is it?
  3. Go safemode, device manager, if u can find the graphic adapter there, click properties and roll back the drivers. If not, uninstall drivers get the previous one. Update driver is good, but not always the best choice, if it works with the old one, keep using it.

    Also if it was not an automatic update, check if the driver was meant for the device u have.
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