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New GPU fan running absurdly fast for no reason.

August 6, 2012 4:59:27 AM

Hi everyone. My dad and I recently put together a computer. It worked completely fine, but occasionally the GPU fan would run very fast. Usually it would stop, but sometimes it would keep running, but a restart would correct it.

As of today, the fan runs constantly at about 5300 RPM (the max is 5000) and will not stop. I tried installing the program that came with it to control fan speed, and dispite it being set at 30%, it was still running over 100% speed. It's like it pretty much ignored the program.

I took out the card and reconnected it like my friend told me to do. (question part 2: I didn't realize there was a clip holding it in, and while I was gentle trying to take it out, I wiggled it back and forth a little firmly and I heard a very very faint cracking sound. Does this mean I just completely screwed up my motherboard too? T-T)

Anyways, I put the card back in, reconnected everything, and turned it back on. Same thing, fan was running like CRAZY still. I even reinstalled windows, but the fan still does it.

It's a GTX560Ti nVidia GeForce EVGA one.

This part just CAN'T be defective. My friend helped me order all the parts from NewEgg, and the motherboard needed to be sent back because it was defective, so I know I'm horrendously unlucky, but am I really THAT unlucky? It makes me just want to cry.