Will I need a 6Pin to 8Pin with my GTX 680?

Hey guys so I recently bought a used gtx 680 SC but it didn't come with any cables. I currently have a AX750w coming in and I was wondering should I order a 6pin to 8 pin or will that be unnecessary? Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm very new to building rigs.
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  1. you will need 1 8 pin and 1 6 pin as the gpu requires 185w+ you will aslo need 38A on a single rail or a combo of 20a and 18a on a multi rail.
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    you don't need to buy an extra converter cable

    like hexit said, the gtx680 needs 1 6pin and 1 8pin, but the ax750 comes with 4 x 6(+2) pin connectors - they're 8 pin connectors but the last 2 pins aren't attached to the main chassis so they can moved aside if connecting to gpu that uses 6 pin connectors. they'll work fine with your card
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