I3 3220+gt630 vs A10 5800k(iGPU)

Hello experts!

The gt630 is on par with the 7660D of the A10, currently i3+gt630 combo is in the same price with the would going for the i3 be better even though its only a dual core?..will games that uses more than 2 cores be able to use the i3's hyperthreading?

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  1. Yes some games uses hyper threating like bf3 and far cry.but gt 630 is not good gpu.get atleast hd 7750 or hd 7770.
  2. What is your max resolution? And buget for cpu and gpu.
  3. I will be playing at 1280x720 resolution on high if the gpu can get it done but medium settins is fine with me..also i can't get my hands on any better gpu cause they aren't available here in my yea can the gt630 get it done at 1280x720?
  4. For 720p get atleast hd 6670 1gb at $ will never regret your self.
  5. There is a 5670 that I think i can get my hands on, not sure though, but 5670 will be better than 6670 and easier on my psu right?
  6. 6670 is far not get old gen psu will be fine as it consumes low power
  7. 6670 consumes less power than 5670!
  8. I see, i see its just that this i3 3220 + gt630 combo is so tempting! ..
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    Go for i3 + hd 6670 or hd 6570.both beats gt 630
  10. I just checked and only the 6570 is available, how much better is the 6670 than the 6570?
  11. Not a big margin may be 15% as they both have exactly same specs just hd 6670 has more core clock speed of 150mhz means a 10-12 fps.
  12. Thanks a lot good sir!
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