Zotac GTX 560 (non-ti) is a good buy ?

I bought a new Zotac GTX 560 1GB card for my 20'' LED (1600x900) .Is It a Good buy . IS it different from other gtx 560 cards and would i be able to play modern games like gta IV, BF3 etc.. games at that resol. maXeD oUT !!
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  1. Yea it's a good buy. I don't think you can play BF3 maxed out, but GTA 4 should be doable if you have got a decent CPU.
  2. Why BF3 not possible to max. out ???? i have an i5 2400 processor...
  3. Bf3 needs at least 2 gigs from the card because the game has heavy textures which need to be buffered somewhere.
  4. so wht settings should i do to get best out of my card?
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