Upcoming PC Upgrade - In Need Of Suggestions.

Hi all,

My 4.5 years old PC kinda died on me,
and it was a limiting DAW back when it worked perfectly so I decided to upgrade my system.
I'm a musician and use the PC as a DAW - for recording, producing etc.

I'm pretty low on funds, so I figured I can stick with my
1. old case
2. PSU(520W)
3. Graphics card(Nvidia 9500GT) [or use intel graphics that will come with the new CPU]
4. Hard Drives
5. Burner, Screens, Keyboard etc...

and just buy a new MotherBoard, CPU, and RAM.
What would you suggest to get for a budget of about 350$-400$ ?
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  1. Are you gamer?
  2. Go with intel i5 3570 + gigabyte or asus b75 mobo + gskill 8gb ram 1600mhz ddr3.this would be best.
  3. As I said I'm a musician, My gaming is limited to a Civilization scenario every few months :)
  4. Then go with that i5 rig.
  5. Thanks man. do I need any extra components for the upgrade like a CPU cooler? or that package will do?
  6. That package is enough.you do not need anything.
  7. Thanks again for the info man, here's my current system(so you'll guys know exactly what I already have)

    CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E7300 2.66GHz
    PSU: Core Elite ATX-520W
    M-Board: Gigabyte G31M-S2L
    RAM: 2X2GB DDR2 400Mhz
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 9500GT
    Hard Drives: Western Digital: 1TB Black(WD1002FAEX), 500GB Green(WD5000AACS), 160GB(WD1600ADFD)
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

    Audio Hardware:
    External Audio Interface: PreSonus FireBox
    Amplifier: InterM PA-2000a
    Mics: Shure SM57 & KSM27
  8. A real dilemma is whether to go amd or intel, most ppl suggested i5, but there's some suggesting amd.

    I think that's the no1 question for me to solve...

    I think a good L3 Cache is important for my kind of uses(music editing)
  9. (Hope I'm not dping... there's more questions coming up as I go, and with the info I get)
    Because the prices where I live are a lil' higher, I decided to go with i5 3470
    since I don't intend to overclock, and the 0.2GHz differnce doesn't worth the 65$[where i live] from 3470 to 3570k.

    So now I have a few more questions(Low noise is important):
    1) The motherboard. I looked at the differences and could see features differnces,
    non seemed crucial, but still I'm being told there will be a PERFORMENCE DIFFERENCE between different boards.
    is that right?
    2) Which PSU brands/models can I trust?
    3) Which CPU fan brands/models can I trust?
    4) Which RAM brands/models can I trust? (although if I go 2X4GB DDR 3 1600 and choose a good brand like kingston or crossair, it doesn't really matter that much exactly which I choose right? BTW - it doesn't matter if I get 1X8GB or 2X4GB right? almost no price differnce so I figure why not?)
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