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Hi all,

I have got a question about the gtx690 and the amount of its vram.

gtx690, as we all know it, has 4gb of vram. But since it is a dual gpu, does that mean-

it has 2gb per gpu and a total of 4gb? (counts as 2gb in sli)

or 4gb per gpu and a total of 8gb? (counts as 4gb in sli)

I have read the hd7990 will have 6gb of vram but its only 3gb per gpu in crossfire setup. So it'd be like having 3gb of vram in total.

I was wondering this because if it has 2gb of vram per gpu, that would mean the hd7970 would do better than the gtx690 in multi monitor resolution with its higher 3gb vram.
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  1. GTX 690 GTX 680 GTX 590 GTX 580
    Stream Processors 2 x 1536 1536 2 x 512 512
    Texture Units 2 x 128 128 2 x 64 64
    ROPs 2 x 32 32 2 x 48 48
    Core Clock 915MHz 1006MHz 607MHz 772MHz
    Shader Clock N/A N/A 1214MHz 1544MHz
    Boost Clock 1019MHz 1058MHz N/A N/A
    Memory Clock 6.008GHz GDDR5 6.008GHz GDDR5 3.414GHz GDDR5 4.008GHz GDDR5
    Memory Bus Width 2 x 256-bit 256-bit 2 x 384-bit 384-bit
    VRAM 2 x 2GB 2GB 2 x 1.5GB 1.5GB
    FP64 1/24 FP32 1/24 FP32 1/8 FP32 1/8 FP32
    TDP 300W 195W 375W 244W
    Transistor Count 2 x 3.5B 3.5B 2 x 3B 3B
    Manufacturing Process TSMC 28nm TSMC 28nm TSMC 40nm TSMC 40nm
    Launch Price $999 $499 $699 $499

    2GB per GPU.
  2. Yes the 690 has only 2gb of usable vram.

    The 7970 would be better in multi-monitor configuration only if you have enough GPU power to use all of the 3gb vram aand still have a high framerate that you are happy with at that high resolution. The GPU performance would be 7970 3-way CF and up @5760x1080 to surpass VRAM limits with games like BF3.

    As you can see the 680 sli(comparable to 690) still beats the 7970CF with only 2 cards. 3 cards and using 4xMSAA on BF3 you will start to see the 7970s pull ahead.,3162-5.html
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