How much wattage i need?

mobo:sabertooth z77
cooler:coller master v6-gt
hdd:4 7200rpm hdds
ram:4x4gb 2133hz ddr3
fans:10+ with fan controller
nzxt apreture m
nzxt hue
bluray burner
i might also do some upgrades to the rig

is 650w enough?
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    yes. 650 is more than enough... 10+ fans is a bit overkill. as its an ivy you would be better off with an h80 or h100 waterblock then you can run less fans in the case and get just as good internals cooling and better cpu cooling.

    also if your gonna buy a quad core you may as well go with the i5 there is no real gains putting a i7 quad on a 2011 board other than bragging rights. fair enough if you were gonna go 6 cores but 4 cores even with hyper threading is purely a waste of money.
    overclocked you will get almost zero performance gains over the i5 3750k in games and in video encoding your asking the cpu to do 2 tasks instead of 1 which limits the cpu to 50% usage per thread. which results in slower processing by 30% on average per thread. yes you will get it done marginally quicker but only by about 2 minutes if that.

    if its for gaming the extra threading wont help and in some cases will cripple performance as the cpu will use 1 core to run 2 threads instead of using 2 cores to run 1 thread each on badly optimized games.
    so yeah save some money or buy a 6 core.
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  3. i need more answers to confirm :D
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