What Videocard?

i have 720 dollars to get a high end videocard that will run any game for the next 1 and a half year
on med settings or high

game's i play


i was thinking about
MSI GeForce GTX 680 Lightning 2GB'

And i cant use new egg only

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  1. What does the rest of your setup look like? What parts do you already have.
  2. yes it can be a little pointless if you have a celeron 1ghz and put a $700 gpu with it.

    can you post the specs of the rest of your system. This will also determine if a Single Card or Dual card setup is going to be the best.
  3. If you have that much to spend, you'll get the most power out of a dual card system, such as 2 x Radeon 7870's. But one card is always preferable to two. If it's possible to spend up a little, then dual GTX 670's will be able to handle anything for a couple of years. Those will be $800 though.
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