Need a new Graphics card to play GTA 4

I want to know which graphics card is okay to play GTA 4 at a reasonable fps. Can anyone suggest me a graphics card? I'm in the UK and I only look at Amazon. Budget for the graphics card: £50-£60.

My Specs:

CPU: Intel i3-2120 @ 3.30GHz
Memory: 8GB
Current Graphics: Intel HD
Power Supply: OCZ 500w
Motherboard: H-CUPERTINO2-H61-uATX (Cupertino2)
Case: Standard Mini Tower

I also need to know how many PCI slots the graphics card will take because I only have one x16 slot.
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  1. Graphics cards take only 1 PCIe slot. They might take more space than one slot height, but they will only be plugged in into one slot.

    For that price I can recommend only one card, HD 6670:
  2. It will play GTA 4 okay right? and what will I expect the fps to be?
  3. you can even look out for this card
    its cheaper than the one sunius suggested and has the same specs
    you should be able to play gta iv @ medium settings @ 1080p with 40-45 fps which is playable or you can reduce the quality to low if you want better fps!
    happy gaming!
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