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i live in kuwait. i was thinking of building a gaming pc but at comfortable price. i was building it for doing overclocking processor and graphic in future if needed.
processor=i5 3770k :pt1cable:
ram=8 GB 1600 mhz kingston
HDD= (already brought Wd 1tb green new so dont no if i can use or not? and cant buy anymore)
SSD=no(if the motherboard support in future)
Graphic =sapphire hd 7850 oc 1GB (alredy brought) :)
Motherboard=P8Z77-V LE (can i use to do overclock processor/graphic?)
cooler=thermaltake Frio :bounce:
case=? :whistle:
power supply=? :whistle:
need help plx :hello:
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  1. Fill out the new build form in the new build section of the forum.
  2. Would be nice to give us your budget too.
  3. well i cant effort much my limit was there in the post already.i just need a powersupply.
    i have a Q too i was getting a powersupply which was 600W but it was non brand. which was made in there shop name but it a good for gaming they told me+case was there with it=25KD can u use tht?
  4. No. Free PSUs that come with cases are generally bad. Let alone unknown manufacturers. If a PSU fails, it can fry out your parts. Your build is a bit green anyway, a 420-500w at max should be good.
  5. i see..but i was build a gud gaming pc.not green.
    today i brought a 2nd hand case+powersupply
    case=NZXT=30 KD (new 56 KD).also brought a 2nd hand powersupply Corsair 620W=10 KD(new 35+).it this OK ?
    i also have a ram problem i brought 1333* mhz but cpu-z show me 668 MHZ wht to do ?
  6. well the info about my ram= new pc ..i will buy i5 later
  7. You probably have 2 sticks of RAM.
    Your RAM is DDR3, DDR = double data rate. You multiply the frequency by 2. In short, your RAM is fine.
  8. so i have to put 2X4 GB to get 1333 MHZ* ?
  9. Kingston RAM will void your warranty on the CPU due to high voltage. (1.65v) Any other set of RAM thats under 1.5v is fine and as long as its 1600Mhz.
  10. RAM : 4096 MB DDR3 Single Channel
    RAM Speed : 665.1 MHz (1:5) @ 9-9-9-24
    Slot 1 : 4096MB (10700)
    Slot 1 Manufacturer : Kingston
    so tht mean i cant get 1333* full setting ?
  11. You will get 1600MHz out of it, but it will void the warranty on the CPU.
  12. so no other way with out voiding the warranty ?
  13. If you get different RAM sticks, you wont be. Corsair or G.Skill offer the best ones around.
  14. ^+1
  15. Nw333
    u got a nice CPU can u give more detail about u r cpu...:)
  16. Gives me what I need, no more no less. Its going to be discontinued soon though, so if you want one, get one soon. :D
  17. i was thinking is 7850 oc 1 GB good ? u got gtx 660 ti tht a good graphic how much differet between both ?
  18. Id go by the benchmarks on this. The 660Ti competes with the 7950 and is better than the 7870, if my memory serves me right. :P nVidia cards perform better in some games though. (Like BF3 and Borderlands2)

    I thought you already bought a GPU? It says so in the first post.
  19. yap i got it already but it is on the way to come here cuz my bro is sending tht graphic to his frd.His frd will here in a week..
    but i just brought my i3/ram 4gb(will make 8 GB in a week)/mother board just 10 days a go..but was planing to get i5..but got no $ to buy it so i was planing to go slowly like 1 by 1..tht the reason i ask for good power supply so tht maybe a year later i can do update on it..
    so i got Corsair 620W++nzxt phantom..tht mean i dont need to get them again later just processor+ram+motherboard.:)
    wht u think ?
  20. can u give me u r FB id would be my pleasure to have a good frd like u who can help alot in build a system :)
  21. If thats how you plan to do it, (1 by 1) just keep your i3 til the release of the Haswell processors next year, that way, you can afford an awesome GPU now. (GTX670, anyone? :))
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