3 Monitor Setup from Scratch

I would just like to know waht parts and what monitors you guys recommend for a multi monitor setup like, monitors, graphics card, Operating system, wires, prossesrs, ram...and so on.

I like the idea i was just wondering what i would need and how i would set it up. Thanks
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  1. Are you going to be gaming on three monitors?

    For the most part its simply find a video card that supports it. ATI/AMD cards will say "eyefinity compatible" and nvidia cards will say "nvidia surround compatible" it takes a stronger graphics card to run 3 monitors at once obviously... a game on one monitor vs three seems to be about a 50% drop in FPS at least for me.

    For monitors id recommend 3 thin bezeled monitors, preferably with display ports. (eyefinity requires at least one monitor to be a display port.. idk about nvidia surround)

    if you post what games/applications youd be using itd be a help to picking out specific parts
  2. Most likely for minecraft or doing work in one screen and software running on the other screen, basically just buisness/ personal use nothing to snazzy what graphics card would you recommend which wires do you think i'd need.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150598]

    Something like this for a card would be fine for what your doing. For the monitors, two monitors connect through DVI ports, and the third one via a Display port. If your monitor doesn't have a built in Display port, you'll need an adapter, such as

    The video card is a common item at bestbuy, the display port adapter takes a little searching to find, i ordered mine from newegg.
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