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Hello all, I am trying to upgrade my PSU for my desktop, but my current PSU seems to be smaller than most I looked at. The size is 150mm x 140mm x 86mm and all the information about the desktop is here: I will later want to buy a Radeon HD 7850. Can you please help me find a PSU that will fit into my computer, and have the right cables, yet be strong enough to be able to power that card. Thanks!
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  1. Also, I am not worried about the price, as long as its high quality.
  2. Yes, your PC uses a std ATX power supply. The new one will be about an inch longer (stick into the case further) than the old one. If there is no obstruction with that extra inch, you will be fine.

    i cant really say as i dont know what specific ps would fit. ever talt of getting an after market case for 40$?.

    if you cant get a fit.
  3. Oh right, so as long nothing is in the way of the PSU, one that is about an inch longer will still fit? OK thanks.
  4. yes in theory.

    worse case scenario if you buy a good psu. u can always buy a case after if it doesnt fit.

    whats your budget?
  5. I have about £60 at the moment, but I can easily save my money.
  6. OK, thanks man :) Just so I know, do most PSU have the correct cables anyway nowadays for most computers?
  7. yes. if they dint. how backwards would that be :D
  8. OK then. Thank you very, very much for your support :D And have a nice day :)
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