Fallout 3 not responding

Hello, I've recently bought fallout 3 after checking on systemsrequirementslab.com, where it said it would run fast, and it keeps freezing and then saying its not responding.
Ive looked on many different forums and tried everything with no luck, any suggestions?
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  1. whats ur full specs?
  2. Not this again!.

    Half of fallout 3 was ported from the Xbox 360 game version to the Pc.
    Because of that people get a a lot of errors and crashing.

    It`s down to bad loose coding and the ported source code from one device to another.
    The coding is not tight or full optimized for the said device running it.

    The result, lot`s of bugs, crashing, failing to start or execute.

    If you look that is why it crashes, not just on your system, and no doubt have read of loads of other people having the same problem.

    And yes I have played it and it crashed more times than I can count on my fingers to remember!.

    So it`s not just you or, I doubt your system.

    What it is is laziness.

    And the tricks games company`s use to speed the development of a said game by porting it to another device not having to code it from scratch for each device the game is made for to get them up to speed for release date or launch of the game title.

    Not having to write clean, structured code for the device it was intended to be used on.
    Fallout 3 is the primary example of what happens when taking this route.
  3. still need to know his specs if its hardware or software issue.
  4. Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (64b)
    CPU/ Processor
    CPU/ Processor Intel® Core™ i3-2330M Processor
    CPU Clock Speed (Max.) 2.20 GHz
    CPU Cache 3MB (L3)
    Series Series 3
    Model Number NP300E5A-A01UB
    Screen Size 15.6"
    Resolution 1366 x 768
    Brightness 220 nits
    Standard System Memory 4GB
    Memory Type DDR3
    Max. System Memory 8GB
    Hard Drive Capacity 640GB
    Graphics Chip Intel® HD Graphics 3000
  5. Hi :)

    HD 3000 graphics,,,,I am amazed it even starts ...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. that videocard is less than the requirements for fallout sadly.
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