Sapphire HD6950 - No output.


I received a "manufacturer refurbished" Sapphire HD6950 Dual Fan edition in the mail today (bought from ebay). I put the card in to my machine and everything worked fine, for about 30 minutes at least.

While on the desktop, a small white square flashed in the top right corner and my monitor lost the display signal (HDMI). I rebooted my PC. I caught a glimpse of the MoBo splash screen which was covered in jagged white lines (like static) and then the display died again. I've been unable to get the card to work since.

My old card works fine. The MoBo HDMI output also work fine. However, the MoBo output does NOT work if the dud 6950 is in the system. I've also tried the DVI outputs. No luck there.

Is there anything else I can try here? Or is it a simple matter of send it back and get a refund?

Any help or advice is very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

PC Specs-

I5 2500K @ 4.4
Gigabyte GA-Z68-APD3
Sapphire HD6950 Dual Fan OC edition (functional)
Sapphire HD6950 Dual Fan (Busted)
8GB Kingston HyperX Genesis
500GB Seagate Barracuda
CM HAF 912 Case
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  1. Probably best to send it back being refurbished and all, to be on the safe side. Unless you had clarification, there’s no real telling what was wrong with the gpu in the first place or if the job repairing was good enough.

    Could be a solder joint who knows, but if you’re willing to try, baking might possibly fix.

    There'll be lots of tutorials on baking in the oven, what to disassemble and for how long.

    Up to you, its possible if baking didnt work your warranty might still be valid if the gpu was put back the way it was. So it’s just time spent on your behalf really.
  2. Thanks for the responses, guys. I've decided to contact the seller and return the card. Hopefully there won't be too much hassle involved. That's just about put me off of buying a used / refurbished anything ever again.

    The baking idea is very interesting, but it seems unnecessarily risky to me. If it were an old video card that I had had for a few years then I would definitely give it a go. As it stands, though, I think I'd rather get my money back :).

    The card will be with me for a couple of days yet, so if anyone else has any suggestions please feel free to share them and I will give 'em a go.
  3. No problem and fair enough :)
  4. This might be due to driver issue, uninstall the current driver from your machine after doing this use a driver sweeper, if you don't have it yet google it and download then run it to remove all the remaining parts of driver, download the latest one from sapphire site reboot the pc install reboot again.
    Might this help.
  5. I apologise. I forgot to mention that I already did this. Didn't help. Thanks for the response, though.
  6. Reseat the card.
  7. I have, several times.
  8. Then go for RMA.
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