Is my graphic card compatible with my motherboard?

Last year I built my new system with a friend. Main components are; Intel i7 960, Gigabyte GTX 570 and the motherboard is the ASRock X58 Extreme3. My graphic card was fault but I didn't send it to warranty for almost a year. After I sent it, they gave me a brand new one, same model. However, when I installed it, the screen was blank but it was working and there was noise. After many hours trying to fix it, I went to a computer shop to get it repaired. The graphic card worked on a different computer and a different graphic card worked on my computer. The person who tried to fix my computer said the new graphic card had an updated driver/software causing it to be incompatible with my motherboard. Is it or is it because of something else? Thanks
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  1. It is possible they incorporated a reliability piece of hardware that is now making it incompatible for your system, resolve with nVidia, ask for different model.
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