$800-$900 Gaming PC request!

Hello, it's my first time posting a thread in this forums and I think this is a nice community. :)

Basicaly, I'm in thoughts of getting a new desktop. I currently have a shitty laptop and I don't know much about desktops. The main reason I want it is for gaming. I'd really appreciate if someone could make a build and check prices (including shipping to Cyprus). My budget it around $800 to $900. Don't include OS, keyboard, mouse and monitor in the build. :)
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  1. is Cyprus part of the Eurozone?
  2. I guess that wouldn't be hard to google, but Yes, Cyprus is a Greek island in Europe.
  3. andrewcarr said:
    Please fill this out so we can better help.

    Dude, i couldn't edit this post so i created a new thread.
    http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/364570-13-gaming-dollars-request check it out if you can please. :)
  4. Actually you can edit your post. In the bottom right you'll see a edit and quick edit button so...
  5. EVGA GTX660 Superclocked Full Solution w/Intel Core i5-2500K


    Don't know howmuch shipping would be, but if you had anything left, I'd suggest an SSD on top of it, for quality gaming.
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