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I'm putting together a future photoshop build. I've included the Samsung 830 256GB SSD. My question is, tigerdirect has the "B" version (SSD only) on sale for $179. The best deal I've found on the "D" version (SSD, 2.5-3.5 adapter, sata cable, manual, power cable and norton ghost) is $219. Is it worth buying the cheaper on and then the pieces I need?

Also, for a case I am planning on the Corsair 400D if that matters.

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    I believe there is a B(bare), D(Desktop kit), and N(Notebook kit) versions of Samsung drives. The B model isn't an OEM drive and should carry the same warranty. It is just a bare drive. If you have the SATA cable (motherboards come with several), don't need the 2.5" to 3.5" adapter plate, or Norton Ghost, I would say just get the bare drive.

    Usually an OEM model is a bare drive and carries a shorter warranty compared to a Retail version. It also usually comes in a plane box or just bubble wrapped. I don't think Samsung sells an OEM SSD.
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