Ultra LSP-750 Watt gets way to loud. Help?

Hello, I recently purchased and installed the Ultra LSP-750Watt Power Supply in my system. I went from the Ultra LS 600 to the LSP 750. Everything works as planned, but here is my problem.

When ever I load up a game, WoW or even Minecraft. 2 - 5 minutes in, the LSP 750 gets crazy loud! The RPM of the fan is faster and louder than my CPU cooler! This is making no sense to me and it is the loudest thing in my case! Even the box says "Ultra Silent", false advertising if you ask me. I am curious why this is happening. Is it because the power supply is getting so hot that it needs to get that High/Loud? But what could be causing the heat!?

I've also noticed that it might have to do with my Graphics card, (MSI GTX 460 1GB Video RAM), as soon as the Graphics card starts doing its thing, the power supply seems to Heat up and the fan gets really loud!

If anyone could please help me on this it would be very appreciative. I've had the LS600 and never ran into this problem.
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  1. is it too late to take it back?
  2. Hey, I'm having the exact same problem with the exact same PSU! It's been about a year now since you've posted this thread and I just wanted to know if you've found a solution to the unbearably loud PSU fan speed?
  3. Getting a decent PSU will probally be the only fix
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