Need help building Gaming computer for 800€

Hello. I am a gamer who doesnt buy a new computer for 6 years so i feel totally outdated when it comes to building a new computer nowadays so i'm asking some help :).
I want a pc with the only purpose of gaming from MMORPGs to the latest FPS.

Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: Next week

Budget Range: 800€ maximum before shipping. I'm thinking on buying from so no taxes applied or other website like if there is not the piece i want in pixmania. Using it because i think it's cheaper

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Only gaming is important

Not buying a monitor, or OS

Location: Portugal

Your Monitor Resolution:1280x1024

Thanks in advance for the help :)
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  1. Under that budget, AMD AMD AMD, for mb/cpu/video. Top of the line FX-8150 still under the i-38xx, video card will make up the framerate disputes, just don't get nVidia sloware. AMD board might be cheaper and get less glitches from incompatibility, I think, personally I like Asus. Mushkin ram is inexpensive, but if you want more performance, you'll need to pay, 2011 mbs will run 1600mhz bus for ram no OC. Get enough amps on the PSU to power it all up. You can do a combo SSD/HDD(hybrid) for boot drive and rest of the world drive. Wouldn't bother with internal optical myself, eSATA is plenty fast and same preference for backup drive. PCI-E audio a must. Stay away from buying USB3 external storage, performance is a lie.
  2. i searched some tings and made this setup.
    Is it any good? I'm not an expert so i would appreciate some help :)
    Why AMD?
  3. AMD has 8 cores for the same price, MB is FX99, LGA 2011 not LGA 1155, will run memory at 1600mhz stock. AMD is performance for price in CPUs and MBs. z77 is for fashion metro-sexuals if you know what I mean.
    Either go cheap or go quality, the in-between crap is neither inexpensive nor upgradeable. I'd go with a hybrid HDD for speed in SATA III form. ASRock is not a good brand and I don't like MSI, I would definitely avoid ECS and VIA chipsets, check the chipsets. Gygabite is good and so is Intel for motherboards, if you can't pay for the Asus (AM3+ is cheap enough). A reliable, stable MB that lasts can make all the difference. I would get a minimum 600W on the PSU, leave room for upgrades.
  4. Wouldn't you rather have this ?
  5. Double the ram, double the HDD space, added fast sound card and a blue ray drive. For almost the same price after rebates.
  6. It's like i said im not that into actual computer parts... I feel rly ignorant... A question about your build why getting 7770 video card? I want the computer only for gaming so shouldnt my best part be it?
  7. You can go 7970 with crossfire, I picked the nearest one below the highest price that you can run as single and like it, still be at the $800 mark. If you want to go over, crossfire (double cards) will get you more power than the latest card single.
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