Radeon HD 7640G vs 7470M

Hi, I'm looking for a new laptop, and I've narrowed it down to these two

AMD A8-4500M 1.9GHz processor
AMD Radeon HD 7640G Graphics Card

Intel Core i5-2450M 2.5GHz processor
1GB AMD Radeon HD 7470M

It's almost absolutely between these two so I'm not really looking for other suggestions because I'm not looking for a dedicated gaming laptop at all. I'll be using this mostly for school, web browsing, music, videos, movies, etc, which both of these should be able to handle pretty well.

However, I just want to know the difference between the gaming abilities between these two. I know the A8-4500M is an integrated card, but it fares better on the's gpu ranking list than the dedicated 7470M. But then some people say that dedicated cards are ALWAYS better than integrated for gaming. So I'm not really sure which one to pick.

Btw, the only games that I really play are Runescape and Skyrim, so I just need to know which one will run those better. Runescape's min specs are
- 512 MB RAM
- 1Ghz CPU
- For DirectX or OpenGL graphics: 128MB 3D Graphics Card (i.e. Nvidia® GeForce™ 4 or above, or ATI 9800 or above)

But it's a fairly cpu intensive game.

And I'm sure you guys would know Skyrim's min specs better than I do.

So yeah, the integrated 7640G or the dedicated 7470M for these two games?

Thanks in advance!


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