Which wattage of PSU and is everything compatible?

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  1. If you intend to overclock, you will need aftermarket cooler, suggest CoolerMaster Hyper 212Evo. You would need to use low profile RAM, to avoid a clash, suggest Crucial Ballistic Sport, or GSKill Ares. Corsair also do LP versions. Agree that the Seasonic, suggested by jallenlabs, is best quality option.
  2. A good quality 500w psu would be great.

    I recommend the newer HD7850 over the HD6950. It's faster and less power hungry.
  3. 2 of them are overclocked, hence the OC.

    1 of them has a different fan design.

    The best way to check out different models is on Newegg, they have more pics and better technical specs.

    Then you can search them on Amazon based on model number.
  4. If you are looking at HD7850, the MSI Twinfrozr takes some beating.
  5. is it possible for a newbie like me to overclock a graphics card?, if so i would like to so i can avoid paying more for a pre overclocked card.

    i shall have a look on newegg now thankyou:)
  6. Yes you can overclock yourself. However, you're not just paying for the factory, to do it for you. Because they have to guarantee the overclock, factory OC GPU's use higher spec components. You usually find you can further overclock them yourself to far higher levels, than a standard one. With a stock GPU, it's a bit luck of the draw, how well it will actually overclock. It's not guaranteed to, at all, although, of course, usually will.
  7. thank you very much for you're help btw haha, could you send me a link to where i can read about overclocking a graphics card?
  8. You don't need to read about it, you can use Catalyst Control Center which comes with your video cards driver package to overclock your video card, or if you want to get really aggressive and change voltages and stuff, which I don't really recommend you can use a program called Afterburner.

    All that's involved in CCC is just moving sliders and checking save.
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