What are good crossfire graphics cards

I am building a gaming computer and thinking about cross firing two $200 cards I'm just wondering witch ones I should be using.
I know that you need a master card and a slave card in the same sires from ati. but i cant tell what is the master and witch one is the slave cards can you help thanks.
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  1. Why not just get one 7970 or 7950? You can also get a GTX670 too.

    It would be just as fast as 2 cheaper video cards in crossfire.
  2. There is no master/slave video card while crossfiring/sli'ing think they are just video card's, put both the video cards in PCI-e slots connect a bridge install a driver and there you go.
  3. Yeah xtreme is right there is no master or slave with video cards.

    The only thing you need to look for is that the core clock and the VRAM bus speeds are the same. It also helps if the actual amount of physical memory is the same.

    So for example, I use two MSI 6950's. They are the same model of card and both operate at the same speeds. I would suggest you pick out a card you want and simply buy two.

    Although I must advise you, as someone who uses crossfire the drivers are awful and you will most likely NOT see the results you are looking for unless you put two 7950's in xfire. And at that point you are already spending around $1000.
  4. Like everyone above me said, you should get one high-end card instead of two mid-range cards.The reason for that is becasue crossfire performance depends entirely on the drivers.So if a game isnt supported by your drivers your two cards will perform like one.
    If you still want to try your luck then buy two of those.

    Otherwise i suggest buying a GTX 670.
    Their performance is simply unmatched at the 400$ price point.
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