I need help figuring out serious powersupply for this crazy pc.

I've inherited an Asus KGPE-D16 Motherboard
Dual AMD 6284 SE CPU
256GB DDR 3 ECC Ram
2 SSD Plextor hard drives.

The video card is some basic piece of junk with no power adapter. I want get a seriously good video card for CUDA and photoshop use on this pc.

I was hoping to get something like GTX 690 However I don't know if I'm going to blow up every powersupply.
If not GTX 690, then for sure 680.

What is a seriously GOOD powersupply ($ is NO issue), has to be 120 V, to be used in North America.
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  2. Can this handle the pc with a gtx 690?
  3. I don't know your pc's specs. But I use this when I need to know how much Wattage I need.

    1200 Is a lot of watt's, at least to me it is, and I know Antec is good.
  4. PC Specs are in Post, see above please.
  5. nvidia recommend a 650w for a gtx690

    that includes the rest of your system

    so would have thought something like this would do

    theres also a 1200w version if you really want that much power
  6. my 2p

    I think you'll find you'll be wondering what else you can put in your machine.

    I'm using a similar Antec High Current Pro HCP-1200, mine seems to look a little different for some reason, to power an overclocked i7-3930K and a pair of GTX580s. I've seen it draw up to 750W, but will regularly draw 660W, while gaming from the wall socket.

    I also have a Xeon system with twin E5420 CPUs, this system has a lot of hard drives and a GTX550Ti. This system runs off an ANtec 650W supply. This system is used mainly as a game/file server but when I ran the Intel Burn-in test, it ran to about 300W.

    All in, I think your system will draw in the region of 700W-800W. That's 400W for the GTX690, upto 280W for the CPUs (140W per cpu) and 30W-80W for the rest.

    /my 2p

    EDIT: Just noticed in the cpu specs that's it's Bulldozer and was released June 2012. I have to question why you're being handed a system where the processors are less than a year old and cost £1000+ each, my instinct is that it's broken.
  7. To Pauls3743

    It is about security really. I am doing high end cuda and cpu intensive stuff. The pc will be on for days, probably weeks.
    It is going to be in a data center just to have guaranteed power (so using their UPS system as well).

    It isn't about really wanting to add on, as it is wanting to ensure the powersupply isn't junk and will crap out after 1 month of full load.
  8. Paul
    System is from bankrupt company, not broken for real. It was exchange server (so I have been told).
    The current drive has been wiped.

    I want to replace the powersupply as it is no named, what I think junk power supply.
  9. a 690 isn't going to help you as its just two 680's on one board and most cuda software can't use the second card. Please look into this and the software you'll be using.

    Also, you probably cant even use a pc PSU with that server board. In your PSU connector area you should have a pair of 8pin cpu power connectors.

    To select an appropriate PSU we would need to know what chasis the board is in. 2u, 4u, standalone workstation,... ?
  10. my corsair ax860i has two 8-pin EPS cpu 12v connectors

    also wouldnt a 7970 be better for photoshop because of the opencl support?
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