Intel Turbo Boost Messing it up !

i have a toshiba laptop p770 ( with the latest drivers and bios version and it was recently cleaned so it's free of dust and it has win 7 64bit ) with an intel processor
i7-2670qm which uses intel turbo boost to oc from 2.2 to 3.1 ...

i have been experiencing some lag, stuttering, freezes and audio loop .. in gaming and in video playing and editing ( pretty much everything lags ) even counter strike 1.6 which is a very old game, However i didn't experience any problems with
DmC ( devil may cry 5 ), which was stable, i noticed that it only uses 1.6ghz ( with cpu-z ) and that it's locked at that speed ... so i did some research and ended up disabling intel turbo boost from the bios, the processor was running at a stable 2.2Ghz and everything ran just fine, the problem is fixed, except 2.2ghz isn't enough for me, i need the turbo boost so that i can reach 3.1ghz ...

i need a way to fix the turbo boost problem OR get rid of it completely and overclock my cpu to 3.0GHz ... ( let's assume heat is not an issue )

( in case you need it, my gpu is nvidia gt540m )
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  1. Where did you get your drivers from?
  2. turbo boost does not usually come into play if all 4 cores are being used because the processor gets too hot too fast.
    3.1 is for if only 1 core is being used
    I'm guessing because I couldnt find the exact turbo steps but its probably something like 2.9ghz for 2 cores and 2.5ghz for 3 cores active.
  3. Could be heat problems, laptop+any kind of overclocking = heat or other problems.
  4. - i got the drivers from the toshiba website
    - i'm sure it's not a heat problem, the cpu temperature is 47°C when running a game

    i recorded a video of whats happening during the freezes

    the game freezes completely when turbo boost drops to energy saver, and it lags when it changes frequency, just watch ....
  5. i forgot to mention that the game i used to test ( cs 1.6 ) uses only 1 processor core, but it's the same deal with pretty much all games and the media player and even chrome sometimes ....
  6. Go here:

    See if Intel gives you the option to update to a newer, generic, driver. See if that helps. If not I am 100% sure its compatibly issue. And I mean the BIOS, the chipset, and the driver are not compatible with each other. Maybe the driver introduced a new feature where the way it changes between frequencies is a little bit different, but the BIOS has not been updated to support that difference.
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