Motherboard or psu?


Hopefully I get mt answer on this xD googling for hours hasn't helped at all my computer is hp's m9402n desktop pavilion elite.

It started off with me having trouble turning it on then after awhile I could get it to turn on and never turned it off after that unless update was needed, now it wouldn't turn on at all everything is frm the company I haven't changed anything besides the cpu to almost the same as the original one anywho to the problem, I recently noticed the green light on the psu started to fade when I pluged the atx in and un fade when I unpluged it.

My question is has my psu lost its watts to turn it on due to nonstop gaming and being used 24/7 on and just aged after 6 years or my boards gone to the board god's. I have looked my board over to look for cap things fat or leaked and found nothing
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  1. mass PC sellers like hp use basic PSU and having them die out after 6 years is not uncommon especially if you are pushing them with games.
  2. If the power supply light is turning yellow as soon as you plug it into the motherboard then its probably shot. You can buy a cheap digital volt meter, only a couple of bucks from places like harbour freight, and test the supply somewhat while its disconnected. I would leaves fans plugged inwhile testing to provide something for a load (some PSU's need this) but unplug everything else.

    Instructions for testing a PSU with a multi-meter:
    Paperclip Trick to be able to power on PSU without plugging into a MB: [...] clip_trick

    I have a Rosewill PSU tester that I use ($17): [...] 6899261023
    Easy to use, but only provides unloaded results.
  3. Psu light stays solid green when I unplug the atx from mobo then fades to almost clear when I plug t bak in,

    I have tested it with the paperclip thing and it turns on but when it comess to turning my computer on it does nothing no power is sent or receive. When I solo connect my cd drive and paperclip it it will turn it on but nothing else. Iam hoping its just cus hp uses cheap basic psu cus the board is crazy pricey due to it all being oem parts.

    Is it possible for the psu to become weaker then 300watts due to 6years of gaming and wat not
  4. It's a very common power supply problem with the HP consumer desktop PCs. An electrolytic capacitor will usually vent and the PSU won't power on anymore.

    The motherboard isn't receiving a Power Good signal from the power supply so it will refuse to start up.

    Replace the power supply unit.
  5. I agree, replace your psu. Might as well get a decent one. Stick to brand names 80+. But if your systen is already 6 years old and your a gamer, you may want to look into a whole new pc.
  6. K sorry for long time for no reply so tomarrow I'll go buy a new psu but iam worried that if my mobo died from trying to turn it on and I caused some dmg to both my mobo and hard drive wat are my chances that I et it bak on. Also the oem psu is 300 would a 450 be enough
  7. 450 will be enough.... Your MB and HD should be fine.
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