Noob Question...

I think I'm losing my mind...
I've been googling and Youtubing for 2 hours with no results at all...

I want to get my first modular power supply but EVERY one I look at says it has like 6 SATA ports but in the picture, there are NO SATA ports? Just like 2-6 PCI-E ports? That makes no sense...

Will someone please explain (as if you were talking to a 2 year old) how I power a Hard Drive with a Modular PSU?
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  1. The SATA power and Molex connectors connect to the PSU the same way all the other cables connect to the PSU, using PCI-E power like connectors.

    Look at an unboxing video of a fully modular PSU, it should help you a bit.
  2. That didn't help because he shows the ports and says "here are 4 SATAs." But he never shows the cable. What in the world cable do you use for that???? I swear I googled this 80 times
  3. scratch that comment.... I just realized he shows cables..... Im really too tired to function right now..
  4. The '4 SATAs' are SATA power connectors.

    You use them to power CD drives, SSDs and HDDs if that was what you were asking.
  5. Just to add, SATA data ports plug into the motherboard.
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