Twin Frozr III 7870 for triple 1680x1050 monitor setup (5140x1050)

Hi guy recently I posted about getting a new gpu for just over £200 and you guys recommended the Twin Frozr III 7870 for me, which apparently is a brilliant card for the money but I have since decided on a triple monitor setup, the monitor's are Samsung Syncmaster 2032bw which has a resolution of 1680x1050, I already have one which I got for free and another two are in the post. Having cost me just under £100 for a triple monitor setup I am chuffed to bits but I am wondering if the Twin Frozr III 7870 will be enough for these three monitors?
My setup is soon to be
Fx - 6100 - Gunna overclock to 4.2ghz
Asus M5A88-M Socket AM3 - Micro ATX
8Gb G.skill 1600mhz
Corsair TX750M
1TB Western Digital 7200Rpm
Fractal Design Arc Mini - Micro ATX
I will be playing games such as Arma 2 and 3 when its released, crysis 1 and 2 and 3 when its released, the new Grand Theft Auto when it comes out, apart from that I also play mainly source games garrys mod, Team Fortress 2, etc.
So if anyone could give there opinion on what I should do I would be forever grateful!
Thanks in advance,
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  1. Also my preferable websites are any trusted English ones and I could possible at max stretch another £100 for a GPU so about £320ish?
  2. I think the HD 7870 will be just enough for these monitors.But really ... who plays games on a super high resolution eyefinity setup on medium settings?
    I say you get at least a HD 7950.

    Or if you can afford it, buy a HD 7970!
    If you play with headphones than a reference model will do the job
    Otherwise you'd want a more silent cooler
  3. A single card of any type is going to struggle at that resolution. You will need to adjust settings no matter what to get good framerates in some of the more demanding games, even with a 7970.
  4. Hmm yeah im just worried about games like BF3
  5. Go for the 7950, it's an overclocking monster and the 3gb of ram will definitely help with 3 monitors. I would go with a 2 fans card like the Sapphire one which has a 950 MHz core clock (highest of the 7950's) or keep looking for deals. I almost bought that 7950 yesterday for 305$ on Newegg Canada but it's now sold out
  6. I run a 6100FX (overclocked to 4.0ghz) and a 7950. If its in your budget definitely step up to at least a 7950. I play BF3 occasionally and its one of the few games that I've seen already go past 2 gigs of ram useage if you want to crank the settings up at all at EyeFinity Resolution. Like previous posters stated, no card will max every game at EyeFinity resolutions, but with a 7870 you will have to turn down a lot of settings to get acceptable performance. Even on my 7950 I had to drop a lot of settings in BF3 and struggled to get 50fps.
  7. Yeah im thinking about the 7970 as I could probably afford it but is it worth the extra compared to 7950?
  8. The price of some 7950's is so low my answer would be no.
  9. if you can deal with noise

    Diamond HD 7970 $399 AR

    or this if not

    Sapphire Vapor-X HD 7970 Ghz Edition $469
  10. Personally I would go for a 7950 before a 7970. A 7950 with a good 3rd party cooler (Sapphire, Gigabyte) can easily overclock past the stock speeds of a Ghz Edition 7970. While the 7970 will pull ahead again if you overclock it since it will have more overclocking headroom than a 7950, the difference in the two overclocked cards isnt worth the difference in price to me. My Sapphire 7950 has no trouble running 1100/1450.
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