Can I Upgrade My Graphics Card?

Hey all. Im kind of a noob with computer mechanics as it were so bear with me. I am trying to upgrade my graphics card in my computer but have no idea if i can or not. I have a PCIEX-16 slot in my mother board but i need help to know what it can support. Im trying to play games like Diablo3 and SC2 and WoW along with Civ5, AOE3, and other stuff.
Here are the specs i know of:
Its an HP Pavilion p6207c
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz
Memory: 5120MB RAM
OS: Windows 7
Motherboard: IPIBL-LB
Here is a link to a website with motherboards specs:
if it doesnt link then just copy and paste.
Current Graphics Card (Chipset): Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
Its Memory is only: 256MB

Please help and i thank you for any insight you can provide me:)!
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  1. yeah you can upgrade it, and it can support whatever your power supply can handle, but your processor will potentially hold you back when it comes down to it. I read that your computer has a 250 watt power supply, which wont get you far with a graphics card. I would upgrade to a good 500 watt power supply and go from there, or save the money and put it towards a newer build.
  2. Thanks now that i know that i think i should shop for a new comp and give this one to my mom. Can i get a decent gaming laptop thats not expensive (Alienware) or should i just go for the better performing desktops cause i want the portability to take to friends houses but if it costs to much or take to much preformence away ill just get a good desktop. Should i look at ASUS and Alienware or build my own?
  3. Best gaming rigs are home built desktops. Ask for advice using the template found here.
  4. Build your own desktop this will offer you exceptional value for money, better satisfaction, and much more powerful than most prebuilt setups, especially over gaming laptops.
  5. I've never been a fan of gaming laptops but that's me. If you do go the desktop route, you can build a good system that you can over time upgrade the individual parts and stay with the times and advancement in games without having an completely outdated system in a few years and will more than likely cost less than a gaming laptop to begin with.

    Don't think I'm trying to force you into a desktop though. If your fairly mobile, go for the laptop.
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