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Hi everybody,, I read Toms post of the Q17 a Hyundai ,, theres only one problem cant find wear to buy one in America, If you can help I whould appriciatte. I went to New Egg and several people had bought the Q 17 but it was not the A model and they were dissapointed that it didnt come with DVI attach,,, Thanks again for your help.
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  1. Hello,

    I had Hyundai on the phone. Here is what they answered me to my questions about the Q17A.

    Even if they say sometimes something else, in fact, all their displays do actually use the same panel that the one inside the Q17, the one with a response time of 20 ms.

    When the display is given for 20 ms, that means TR Typ. = 20 ms. This response time is an average.

    Some Hyundai displays, like the L70S, are given for 16 ms. In fact, they use the same panel. But this time the TR is not typ., but max. But as they have confirmed it to me, it's just a marketing argument to be on the same level than AU.

    There is one exception. There's been a panel's shortage. Hyundai had to use one time some AU panels instead of his owns. 400 L70S, of 10 000 pieces, use AU panels instead of Hyundai. Most of them have been sold on the German market, around 20 pieces were sold in France.

    About the ICC profiles given in the review, they are just available with the Q17 with D-Sub AND DVI. For the other versions, even if the panel is the same, the settings are different. Different electronic, different OSD... Same for the profiles and, sorry, we don't have them. But even without these profiles, these displays are very good!
  2. Actually, even if Hyundai still says me that the Q17 should be available in the States, I have not find anywhere the exact version that we’ve tested. But you can find three others Hyundai displays using the same panel, the Q17A, Q17BS and the L70S.

    Some links to find the Hyundai displays:

    Q17BS ($409) and L70S ($385)

    Q17B, $379

    L70S, $345

    L70S, $406

    Q17(A?), $409

    L70S, $403

    More links, more prices: lcd 17&qc="HYUNDAI"* AND "LCD"* AND "17"* AND @totalcost>0 AND @minorder=1+AND+@ctd+34&i=34&ct=Computer&c=Monitors&mi=N&m=N&ne=13612&l=13566


    Vincent Alzieu

    Mail :
  3. I sent an email to Hyundai technical support and received the following message back:

    Dear Jim,

    Q17 : DVI and USB Options included
    Q17B & Q17B-S: only Analog/ No USB (-S is for color code: silver & black )

    Q17 model with DVI has been discontinued in US market about 6 months ago.
    We have changed our 17" LCD to all analog version since then.
    However we are carrying 19" with DVI, our model number L90D.

    So I guess we are out of luck in purchasing a Q17 in the good old USA with the DVI option. I hope this helps, but I am disappointed
  4. Well since i can't seem to find this monitor either, how about reviewing some more flat panels tomshardware =). Your guide was by far the most helpful and you do great work.
  5. Thank you.

    I'm already testing some new displays. There will be a review of 19" LCD and some new 17" 16 & 20 ms.
  6. I called a hyundai salesperson in their usa office and he suggested that the hyundai q17 only had a response time of 30-45 seconds and that if I wanted a monitor for gaming I should consider a benq because they have 16 ms response time. He didn't think Hyundai had any monitors with a 20 ms response time and further that there were only 16 ms ones and they then jump up to 30 ms. Well, I very confudsed now. I didn't see any response times on web site for their lcd monitors.

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  7. Hello again,

    A reader found this link. I thought it might interest you.

    Q17, $419
  8. Hi, i bought Q17 after reading this review. I cant believe this one could by one of the best LCDs on the market. Manual says it has 25ms response time. Thats not a problem... BUT - black looks really *awful* - certainly not black - its far too bright. It changes contrast when you are not looking at it at right angle.. And backlight -there are bright areas around top and bottom border of the screen.Really unpleasant thing while watching films in 16:9. And colors - they are great as long as you work in windows or surf the net, but in every other situation (movies,pictures,games)they are HORRIBLE (kind of brown or mysty or something). Ok.thats it :) simply - I am sorry to say this, but I should not give myself into hands of THG editors... OR is this kind of "performance" common in the world of (cheaper) LCDs? This is my first flat panel, anyway - I knew i cant get as briliant picture on LCD as on CRT but I didnt expect it to be so bad... Is there something i can do about it? should I sell Q17 and buy something else? CRT? :)
  9. About the colours. I asked to our photograph and to our graphist to display some pictures they know very well. Even for them, the Q17 was as good as their CRTs.
  10. ok, maybe i used a bit too much of criticism in my previous message. Sorry, i expected too much after reading your review. But thats my fault, sorry again. Q17 is quite good lets say perfect while you work in windows,but - try to look at blank black screen in the dark room. What do you see? Certainly not completly black equally lit (or better to say - not lit)area. And thats what i was expecting. I think its worth spending a word or two on things like this in review. I use 15inch IBM Flat panel in my job and its the real black what i can see on that one. Dont know product or model number, it has just IBM label on it... I really do not wish to see brighter areas on the top and under a movie running on the screen in 16:9. I have to say again - LCD technology is still far from perfect, or may Flat panel is underperforming, or simply Q17 is not as good as you do suggest. BTW. applying your color profiles doesnt change anything on my machine.
  11. have you decided on what you are getting yet. if not this link might interest you.
  12. You're surprising me. You're the second reader telling me that the black is not uniform. I don't have the Q17 anymore, but I have an Iiyama and a Daewoo display. Both of them use exactly the same panel and both of them are perfectly uniform. Are you sure that your disaply was not shocked? I sems to be a trouble of backlights.
  13. I read somewhere that the Q17 doesn't have a "pivot" feature... does that mean that the angle of the panel is completely fixed and cannot be adjusted at all? Or does it just mean it cannot rotate side-to-side like most CRTs?
  14. No, it just means that you can't do like this display :
  15. Hi, I finally decided to buy a Viewsonic VP171 from It has been shipped and is in the hands of Fedex. I can't wait to get the monitor. I looked up the specs on It says it has a 16ms response time and I especially like the Pivot feature. I think that could be very useful for internet browsing. I hope I like that model. The Viewsonic models I saw in the stores were different models so hopefully this one won't have the dark at the top problem I've seen with their less expensive models.
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