How to convert the DV format video into Mpeg-4?

i have a Panasonic DV video camera.
i want to made the Mpeg-4 home video from my mini cassettes.
but i can not find a software that can DIRECTLY convert the DV format video to the Mpeg-4 format video.
i know the FlaskMpeg can convert the Mpeg-2 or DVD video to Mpeg-4 video,but does it can convert DV format?
i suppose not.
so,who can tell me,how can i convert DV format video to Mpeg-4 video directly.
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  1. with Adobe Premier I can export directly to Mpg4/DviX from the time line.
    from any format used.

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  2. Virtual Dub can convert/capture direct to divx but it is very likely that your computer is not fast enough to do this in real time. It couldn't hurt to try so download Virtual Dub for free at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Since mpeg4 is compressing farther then mpeg2 more work is being done and this usually means an offline conversion is nesessary.

    Do NOT try to compress sound to mp3 at the same time or you will be screwed for sure.

    ps: Virtual Dub is free, which makes it an infinate number of times cheaper then Premier.

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  3. yes,now i know the Adobe Premiere can convert DV to DivX format video,but i still can not compress the DV audio into MP3,so after i convert DV to DivX,the audio still not been compressed,the file still large.
    how can i convert DV audio into MP3 using Premiere.
    is there have a Plug-In to do this job?
    thank again.
  4. suggestion:
    export the DV to DivX using Premiere.
    get "NanDub" from (NanDub is a version of VirtualDub but w/o the audio limitations of VD)
    use NanDub to convert the audio to mp3.

    i have to admit that I've never done this and don't know if NanDub can work with the Audio part of DV but it usually can read any format that has a codec installed in Windows.
    and NanDub is free, so give it a try.

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