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I have this old and slow 2701hg-b given to me from at&t when I signed up for their plan...and it sucks...being honest..dropping connection constantly..hardly any noticeable features only that its a router/modem... I want to upgrade since its getting old and dying....what should I get?? should I buy a new modem and a new router..give me some good modems and routers to consider..I have dsl elite package from att 6mbps download and 765kps upload..

I currently am looking at this

should i buy this? or jus buy a modem and something like a trendnet router??
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  1. You can't use a cable modem with DSL service. You need a DSL mode. You should check with AT&T before purchasing anything.
  2. Agree, call AT&T and have them replace the modem.

    If you have to buy one i would say Actiontec DSL modem and Linksys WRT54G router (unless you need wireless N)
    Both are inexpensive, reliable but are not really top of the line. But unless you have out of this world internet service they will work fine.
  3. well i dont want another 2701hg-b and my warranty is over so i have to buy it for 100 which is bad enough cause the 2wire modem router sucks...i want another modem/router combo since its easier to manage so the motorola is a cable modem...hmm will this work as a replacement...

    this one is a dsl modem and wireless router...i simply want to replace my 2701hg-b with something new and not simple replace it.
  4. the router/dsl modem i am looking at is the dgn2200 wireless n 300 router with dsl modem....will this work to replace my 2701hg-b
  5. i just chatted with at&t and they said only the 2791hg-b and the motorola 3347 is they both suck and have bad reviews.. I have friends who have the netgear dgn2200-100NAS and they said it works with at& this customer service guy making me only buy their 2wire and motorola brand of dsl modem and router?? whats the big deal..
  6. After the chat with at&t they told me that there will be 3 new products for att on the 24th of this september
    Pace 4111N wireless gateway (meant to replace the 2701hg-b)
    Netgear 7550 G90 wireless gateway (New to att provided service)
    and a Netgear single user modem

    I like many others have the 2701hg-b and lets face it its old and these new product should be a nice incentive to a upgrade on at&t services..
    i chatted with customer support and he stated that they will appear on the att equipment store on the 24th....hopefully hes right because I want to replace my 2701hg-b as soon as possible...had it for 3 yrs..replaced the power adapter twice and have to constantly power reset the gateway every night...overall its a bad product

    so hope these new product support wireless better and offer more.
  7. I would get a seperate DSL modem and wireless router. You could put your 2701hg-b in Bridge Mode and get a new wireless router now.
  8. Quote:
    I would get a seperate DSL modem and wireless router. You could put your 2701hg-b in Bridge Mode and get a new wireless router now.

    what dsl modem and wireless router do yu suggest?? and i want to get rid of my 2701hg-b all together...either gettign the new products provide by at&t or i might just buy the netgear dgn2200 100NAS wireless router with dsl modem.
  9. I would get whatever DSL modem that AT&T supports and either a Cisco or Netgear wireless N router.
  10. Huh, never heard of a warranty on a router provided by an ISP. Guess AT&T does things a little different (and i have their phone service so i know all about how unbending their customer service can be)

    Do you have other DSL providers in your area, maybe a call saying that they either replace the modem or you are switching service would bend them a bit.
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