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I am in a shared office environment in which nearly everyone has a wireless connection except me -- I am on an ethernet cable. I am having issues connecting to an HP printer that is connected to the network over a secure wireless connection. The printer is NOT connected to an ethernet cable or a print server -- it is standalone in the center of the room and is connected wireless only.

Here is the network setup:

1) My PC -- Windows 7 through gigabit ethernet. have disable homegroup and connecting through "public" connection.

2) I am connected directly to a primary router, which has the direct internet connection.

3) The main router has a wired connection to a second wireless router called "Forward2" which is WPA-PSK encrypted.

4) The wireless printer is connected to Forward2 and clearly all wireless protocols are working as all of my office mates can print.

I have downloaded all software drivers and run all kinds of diagnostics, but cannot connect to the printer. I know the IP address for the printer ( and the passkey for the wireless router. Windows 7 and the HP diagnostics simply cannot see the printer -- I have tried everything from setting up an IP based printer to running HP setup.

I have also temporarily disabled windows firewall.

I THINK my issue is that I am not connecting to the wireless network at all. I have never been asked for the WPA-PSK key.

I THINK this is because of the router sitting between me and the wireless router. Unfortunately, I am not a system admin and cannot access the configuration, either.

Any suggestions?


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