How to turn off a H80i?

He, guys. Is there a way to turn off a H80i without unplugging the cables. because when im just on google or making something for school, it get's kinda annoying. i already set it to "Quiet" in the Corsair Link software. Please anwser if you know :)
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  1. Turning off the H80i would prob cause ur cpu to overheat, just a copper plate and some plastic without the pump or fans running is prob worse than the stock cooling
  2. Yeah you dont want to have that turned off. Which part of the unit is making the noise? If its the fans you could just put some super quiet ones in there.
  3. but i don't understand why i need fans if i already have a pump to cool my cpu.?
  4. to dissipate the heat thats being transfered from the cpu to the coolant to the pump and to get the heat away from the pump, just why u need fans for a stand air cooled heatsink
  5. Without the fans, the heat will sit in your case, primarily around the radiator, and the heat will build as its transfered to stationary air. Less heat will be transfered from the water into the air through the radiator as the temp difference becomes less, and eventually the cpu will get too hot. You probably can run it without fans for a bit but it wont be very effective. Also that isnt what your topic suggested you wanted to do, do not run it with the pump off.
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