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Hi guys i got this problem with "Cannot Display This Video Mode, Change display input to 1920x1080@60hz" after i installed a game i started it. I asked my friends for a help and they told me to use the safe mod and change the display input there. But when i opened "Screen Resolution" I saw that there is no 1920x1080. I tried with 1600X1200, 1280X1024, 1024X768 and even
800x600. It was the same every time. So i turned safe mode with networing to ask for help and i found this forums. I started reading and fowoling an instructions i got into Advanced Settings/Monitor to change the hertz but there was nothing about the hertz. There is only "Use harware defaukt settings" and i can't even enter the Monitor Properties. Plz someone helpp me....
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  1. Safe Mode only installs minimum drivers to diagnose problems - that's not how to fix your issue.

    I suggest you go into Device Manager and uninstall your graphics card. Then reboot your computer. Then connect to the internet and download the latest drivers for your video card and install them.
  2. how to do that?
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