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Hey guys , are this temps on my new i5 3570k ok???(bought this cpu today, first intel cpu for me.)

Idle: min 40°C max 51°C

at 90% load (tested whit occt) min 67°C max 75°C

i think they are a way to high, am i correct , or this is normal? , my previous cpu phenom II 720be , oced to 3.4ghz , at full load was at 42 °C , using a TT big typhoon vx.

Im using the stock cooler atm , i will buy one of this http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?product_id=6741 soon , will this cooler help me to get better temps?

Temperature in my room (where the pc is located) is around 30-34 °C at this time of the year, so maybe these temps are normal , i dont know , you guys tell me.

Thanks in advance for the answers and sorry for the poor english.
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  1. 30c-34c is a high room temperature so may have something to do with it

    but with the stock cooler you need to make sure all the push pins are in properly

    happens all the time that 1 or more pins dont fully engage

    if you can pull the pins up without twisting them they are not in right
  2. Those temperatures are really high, even after considering your room temperature. I would suggest getting an aftermarket cooler, even a Cooler Master 212 Evo could help out a lot. I have my 3570k overclock to 4.2GHz and I'm not even getting those temps.
  3. Geeze dude! I'm with FaTalxAmbition on this one, Trash the stock cooler and go for the Cooler Master 212 Evo, I HIGHLY recommend it! As far as budget coolers go.
  4. Thanks for the answers , then ill buy the hyper 212 asap.
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