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I have been thinking about building my own desktop tower for quite a while. Recently i have binned an old tower. The case, graphics card etc are useless but i am going to be able to use some memory otherwise start from scratch. I am not interested in building it to top top top spec but still very good but not silly money. All in i would like to spend £700 max I do not need a monitor as i am going to hook it up to my HD TV. I know i will need to spend more on graphics card and processor. I am basically a complete beginner as i have not done this before.

Would anyone have a list of products, information or tips for me?


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  1. I'd base your build off of the $1000 build,3280.html here and tweek it as necessary. That will at least give something to go off of and he describes fairly well why he chose what.
  2. I suggest you read through the forum threads and you will see tens upon tens of people inthe same scenario as you, that have systems already configured that you can just choose and purchase the parts
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I think i will have a look into the parts that you have advised and see if they are compatible. Do you know much about grounding during build?
  4. there are bracelets you can wear...I just touch the case a lot.
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