Hd monitor does not look HD

Hi there,
I just bought myself an additional monitor 27" LED Samsung Series 5 HD 1080p. My old monitor is a Dell 22" 2007FP resolution 1600x1200.

My issue is that the HD videos and HD wallpaper look better on the Dell than the Samsung and I'm sure for some reason my HD is not in HD????

My graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 5700 control centre version 12.6 under desktop properties the Samsun is running 1080p @ 60Hz and the Dell 1600x1200 @ 60Hz

The Samsun is using the HDMI port on the graphics Card and Dell the DVI

The Samsun Driver is up-to-date with version

If someone has a good suggestion as how to save my life right now I would be glad to hear it.

Running Windows 7 64bit
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  1. i have done, my image is the full size of the screen but the quality is not there...
    am i missing some settings?
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