Question about MOBO and PSU for new build

CPU: i3 2120 @3.3GHZ
Case: HAF 912. (+Megaflow 200mm Fan)
RAM: 8 GB Corsair Value Ram.
GPU: Radeon 7850 (I'll get this in the future to replace a GTX 550 ti)
HDD: Seagate 1 TB Barracuda.
PSU: Antec Neo Eco 520C

It's mostly for Dota 2, Torchlight 2 and Primal Carnage (an Unreal Engine 3 game that you can pre-order right now on Steam).

I'm also planning to buy Bioshock Infinite, but since the Bioshock series are known to be low-spec friendly, I guess an i3 that matches/surpasses most quads out there (obviously not the SB and Ivy ones) will be more than enough to run it, even it's multiplayer, which isn't really the reason most people buy Bioshock games.

Does anyone know if nowadays Asrock mobos are of good quality? I know that they are a branch of ASUS, but there are also H61 ASUS boards available where I'm going to buy from, so I wonder if I should go with these instead. I just picked the Asrock since it looks durable for a cheap mobo. I've also gotten to see lots of old P4 systems with Asrock MOBOs (used for Office tasks) that still work just fine to this day.

I was also wondering if the Antec PSU is of better quality than Thermaltake's TR2 series and if it will be enough to power the 7850. I'm planning to sell my Thermaltake TR2 600w since I've heard lots of horrible things about them.
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  1. Asrock still makes a great board, I have one and love it :).
    The antec would be WAY better than the thermaltake. It would definitely be enough power. I think the system you have above would be around 350 watts. Maybe less.

    You could also go for this. Corsair makes great PSU's for the money.
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