Curious about sudden loss of FPS

Earlier today while playing world of tanks(max settings) i had a sudden drop of fps, from 58-120 it dropped to 9-14, closed the game i tried playing Dota 2(max settings) and the same it was lagging at 24-38fps from the usual of 60(vsync on) it didn't go back to normal until i restarted the PC.

I'm a bit worried, my GPU is a EVGA GTX 570 and no it's not overclocked, its not overheating as it was at 51 degrees at full load when the massive fps drop happened in WoT. I'm using the 301.42 driver and my CPU is a i5-3550.

I however often tab out of my games to do some web browsing while waiting etc so might that be the cause? although i doubt it, i'm just somewhat puzzled.

Thanks guys!
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  1. Keep an eye on when it happens. With more and more things using the video card(your web browser for example). You may see some hit when watching videos as well(On the ATI side, it can lock a card down to 400mhz with video running hardware accelerated. This includes web video). The 570 is a rather fast card to be honest.

    It is also possible the game just does not like ALT + Tabbing. Some games can be a pain like that.

    It may be worth running GPU-Z with your games to see if the cards clocks are dropping(and getting stuck at a lower speed, if this happens, close all web browsers and video players and see if it helps) at this point of fps drop.
  2. Well this is the first time it has happened since i built my PC 2 months ago, the detail of how it happened was while waiting for a battle to start i tabbed-out to check the wiki then closed the browser, tabbed back in the game then poof fps suddenly dropped lol

    In terms of performance i have nothing to complain with the card, its been performing as expected.

    I actually use EVGA's Precision X and have the on-screen-display always enabled, so no it wasn't stuck according to Precision it was at full load, although curiously its temp was stuck at 51 degrees when it usually runs at 65-67. oddly as well when i closed the game it clocked down normally so its quite puzzling.

    i'l try running world of tanks again and see how it goes. hopefully it wont happen again.
  3. If it does it again, make sure everything is running @ PCI-E X16, I had that once, a card dropped to x2 or something and just needed to be re-seated(removed then reinserted into the slot.). Worst part was it only showed up in real demanding games so went un-noticed for a bit too.

    Keep us posted on how it goes.


    My mention of the cards speed(fast) was because faster cards are less effected by other things using the card while you game. For instance a 5770 + youtube + game = slow down. while a 5870 does not seem to have this much slow down, but i am sure more demanding games would bring it on too.
  4. I had a similar problem on my EVGA 560Ti using Precision X. I tabbed out to use Google Chrome, as the in-game browser can be sketchy at times, and when I came back, I had around 10-15 FPS lower than before. It said that I was on full GPU load at max clock speed, with around 15C lower temperatures.
    I deleted the fan and OC profile and re installed Precision X fresh, and the problem seemed to go away.
    If you do not have an OC profile, I would say create one (low increase), play a game, then delete it, or just try re-installing Precision X.
    Hope this helps!
  5. Well I've been playing for hours now, from Dota 2 to World of Tanks to Skyrim without issue, while playing WoT i tab out as often as i usually do and browse for a bit then tab back in with no problem this time, quite odd! if it happens again i'l be sure to update this thread with the details as well.
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