Is this build good and PSU enough?

Hello, i want to ask if you guys know if this pc pieces are good for gaming and if the power supply is enough for it :)
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  1. Don't get a coolermaster PSU please! Think corsiar seasonic etc. 550 watts should be enough.

    Also are you planning on overclocking? If so you should get a 'K' series CPU. The I5 3570k.
  2. So something like Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 is better? There is no corsair 550w in the place i am buying so i guess i can get this one?
    About overclocking i dont know... I'm not used to do it and all i hear is that is decreases the lifetime of the hardware so... Should i think on doing it? Im planning on gamming several hours in a row with this so...
  3. There's always a risk with overclocking. Albeit a low one as long as you follow instructions. You can buy the i5 3570k and if you decide you want to overclock later... you can. However the non K series is cheaper and will suite you just fine.

    If you could post a link to the corsair PSU. Yes that would be much better.
  4. I 'd change a few things.

    cpu & motherboard combo - i5 3570k & asrock z77 extreme3 $337
    memory - corsair vengeance low profile 8gb $39
    psu - antec 520w $47
  5. razalas said:

    That's a good psu and should be enough if you want to go SLI/crossfire. However strife_ff7 has suggested a good one that's much cheaper.
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