Azza toledo 301

Is the Azza Toledo a good case??

it has cable routing holes, a 250mm on the side, 5 expansion drive bays

here's the site for the case, is it good, or can i do better for a lower price?
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  1. Take a lok at this one, COOLER MASTER HAF 912 RC-912-KKN1 Black SECC/ ABS Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
  2. not good, it has to be in the store i'm buying everything else, is a zalman z5 good??
  3. That is to bad, Even sold on Amazon!
  4. is a zalman z5 good?
  5. The Azza is a better case than the Zalman, better air flow!
  6. its alright. but id get a corsair 200r for 45$ instead tbh.
  7. nope, not in the store i'm buyin from
  8. i guess its an alright case. as long as u like it whynot. any alternatives ?
  9. And can you link the store you buy from? it will help us save time instead of suggesting pointlessly
  10. go to komponente----kučišta----miditower
  11. v4 has no cable management holes
    z11 plus is a little more expensive, but maybe
    ms-i is good, but i like ms-II better, but it's not available now
    ps03b would be ok if it had cable management

    so, either z11, z5 or ms-I

  12. out of those the ms-i id recommand.
  13. yea, cheapest
    but, not much space for the cables, as far as i see
  14. well u seem to have a limited budget. what else u want me to say.
  15. well, yea, i'ts more of a future purchase, but, in my opinion, it's better to figure out what you want early on
    right now, it's around 8200 HRK, that's about 1442$
  16. i dunno i got u whats in ur budget. ur welcome to get more expensive stuff.
  17. well, if it was available, i'd get ms-II, z9 plus or ps-06

    maybe the z11
  18. sounds good. id get the z11 over the z9 tbh.
  19. yea, me too, it looks great, and it's the plus version, and i don't like the power button on ms-i
  20. :D

    than u got ur answer z11 :D
  21. well, it's never easy to decide, thanks for the help, good news is, z11's been on the site since i found it :)
  22. excellent :) anyt1me dudester
  23. cya
  24. cya :-D
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