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I'm helping a friend setup his computer over the phone. I helped him choose the parts and can confirm that it's a good build, so that's not the issue.

When he shorts the POWER SW prongs (or presses the power button), the motherboard makes a little noise, but never starts up. I talked him over the CPU installation and everything seemed to had been installed perfectly fine. I also had him verify that the power connectors going to the motherboard are properly installed and locked in place.

Do you know of any troubleshooting tips I can tell him about? Maybe his motherboard is DOA..I honestly don't know. I know he built it correctly and was free of static the entire time, though.

Thank you
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  1. Blind leading the blind. Maybe he can send you a pic of his board and wiring. Boards are almost never doa. Some won't post with a newer cpu without a bios update. Please list the complete specs for better advice.
  2. Make sure all of the standoffs are correctly positioned and the I/O plate is correctly installed.
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