Skyrim stutter even at constant 60FPS

So when this game first launched I was able to play it perfectly fine. I just re installed it and am having some issues. I can run the game on ultra and get 60FPS though when I look around at walls or a cave ceiling I get a lot of stutter and "lag" but my FPS never drops. I've tried all my CCC tweaks and have no luck. I've also noticed that changing the settings to the lowest doesnt help the issue at all.

i5 at 3.8GHz
8GB's of RAM
Radeon 6970
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Anyone familiar with this issue recently? I don't believe this is a bottleneck due to the fact that my frames are running real stable and that i've ran it fine in the past.

Also my drivers are up to date at version 12.6

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  1. Set your fps limit to 57fps with a software like msi afterburner or what ever you prefer.

    A few other people have reported the same problem in Skyrim with the 12.6 version.
  2. Update to the 12.7 drivers, which specifically addressed performance in Skyrim.
  3. This has been happening to me since launch and its why i never played skyrim. it's not horrible, but its annoying. I was getting 60FPS to, and even when i turned the game right down to low with no AA it still did it.

    Even tried a few old drivers from catalyst but it didn't help.

    I really wanted to know the cause but never got an answer, sorry.
  4. Had this problem with my old Radeon 6870, I remember using RadeonPro and setting vsync to "adaptive", and I also used triple buffering and that fixed it for me.
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