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Hi there,

I was thinking about getting the fx-8120 with an 990fx motherboard.
and 8gb 1600 ddr3 ram

The total for all the would of been 410$ - which is fairly good priced imo.

I researched on it a lot and found the fx-8120 is garbage?
Is it actually that bad

What other setups could I get for around the same budget?

I have a 520w p/s with a GeForce 650ti gfx.

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  1. the fx 8350 is better
  2. I realize the fx 8350 is better lmao. That is completely irrelevant to what I was asking
  3. Right now my motherboard is a narra3 with a phenom benchmarked at 2250

    I just want a cpu+motherboard capable of playing games like blizzard ones without any issue
  4. get a 990fx ud3 with a 8350

    or a intel i5 3470 with an z77 ud3
  5. I would but im trying to buy from my work as I get a little discount aswell avoid shipping/credit cards while getting instore warrenty

    the best I got here is the 8120 am or Intel 2nd Gen Core i5-2550K which the intel is a bit out of my budget.

    However I just wanting to play these blizzard games flawlessly on any setting basically
  6. is there a website for the store?
  8. I like amd however the eight core seems a little ridiculous and to me may not be ideal for gaming but more so for business.

    However those are just my thoughts. If itll preform well or if you can find others there than that would be fantastic
  9. ahh a Canadian then eh :D

    Depending if you live in Toronto or Vancouver, has storefront locations there

    The futureshiop i3 2120 with a h61 board will be a good budget match for your 650ti
  10. I don't but live seven hours from vancouver
  11. I checked their site the main difference would be id have to pay for any warranties as if I got it from futureshop theres 3year warranty with labour which is nice, but yeah sometimes being Canadian is a pain lol

    Something like this

    Prices are a bit higher than elsewhere so maybe if you can get a pricematch? (though u do get employee discount and extra warranty)

    The 8120 is worth it for gaming over the i3 unless your games like like bf3 64 man with lots of players on all at once
  13. Also my other question is seeing the benchmarks are so close with the 6300 amd and 8120, Would it be better just to go with the 6 cores, there is a 58 benchmark points down but 2 cores less aswell.

    That may run better?
  14. That motherboard is pretty cheap I could get that with a better processor posibbly, just trying to consider my options

    Trying to stay around the 400$ budget aswell

    I could get that motherboard you listed with an

    then the ram id stay in budget still.

    If that setup is better than the 8120 with ud3 however compared to i5 3570k and a GIGABYTE GA-H61M-S2PV Motherboard
  15. Don't get a 3570k unless you have an z77 board otherwise you can't OC and you pay an useless prenium

    Get this instead for cheaper unless you plan to get an z77 board in the future

    I don't see an FX6300 on the site unfortunately
  16. 2550k. i live close to a futureshop nice. get the 2550k overclocks like a beast and beats the hell outta that old bulldozer.

    new visheras good but the 8150 is a notch slower.

  17. Hmm I don't like the low benchmark of the 3350, Its not to big of a deal as of now for overclocking so if the 3570k will work with that 60$ board then ill do that, and when oc becomes an issue I can upgrade the motherboard then.

    Does that setup sound good however?
    i5 3570k
    Gigabyte ga- h61m-s2pv
    Ram unknown
    Gpu 650ti gefore
    520 power supply.

    I mean my games play well right now with a narra3 motherboard with a phenom benchmarked a 2k with the powersupply and gpu

    I just don't want to buy crappy stuff :P

    Will the motherboard downclock the gpu or cpu?
  18. the build looks good.
  19. Should I spend the extra 405$ for a cheap z77.
    I've read the h61 may not be compatible without an bios update

    That's my last question. :O sorry
  20. the z77 allows overclocking and ssd caching. if u can afford whynot.

    whats ur choice of boards?
  21. it was the h61 for 60$ basic two ram slots etc
    Or z77 Gigabyte MVP ATX Motherboard (GA-Z77M-D3H)
  22. My total would be 435$ 30 dollars more than my first build but seems to be drastically better
  23. The low end z77 boards should let you reach 4.0ghz+ without issue and it does give you pcie 3.0 and sata 6gb/s and intel SRT and USB 3
  24. sounds good.

    the mvp looks good.
  25. Okay thanks that prefect

    Just to end the topic now I'm buying this tomorrow
    I5 3570k
    Z77 low end
    8gb corsair ram
    To add to my
    650 ti GeForce
    520watt power supply

    My cost will be 430 after tax - looks like best setup for your money IMO
  26. Best answer
    That looks good :)
  27. looks good.
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  29. ditto :)
  30. Thanks! :D
    Have fun with it :)
  31. double 0-0
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